For those of you who are searching in Caggiano

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For those of you who are searching in Caggiano

Postby rancelli » 25 Jun 2011, 09:11

I was able to send in my request via email. Try not to anger this guy. We kind of ended on bad terms when I had asked him if he was sure that he found the right people. I guess he didn't like that because he never replied back to me. Luckily at that point the documents were already in the mail. Plus you can also check the FHC film at your local family center. It covers from 1866-1910. Anyways here is the email for the guy in Caggiano that's head of the civil records. If he does send something to you, you might want to double check his work ;) He was right on with mostly everything except my great grandfather's place of birth. A person who I talk to on the phone brought it to my attention that my great grandfather was actually born in Alanno, and not Auletta. That makes sense because my mom always told me that her side of the family came from Abruzzo. My great grandmother was the one from Caggiano. Makes me wonder why my family moved all the way to Caggiano. I'm guessing for work? If you do send him a message via email be as specific as possible. Here's what was sent to me...

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