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Re: Looking for LIBERATORE family

Postby Liberatore11 » 27 Jul 2011, 04:07

Oh Tessa I can not believe it you have found them!

I cannot thank you enough words cannot express :) If I could reach thru the internet I would hug you! Thank you! You have found Biondina Vitullo and her son Ettorino Liberatore and yes that is them the address and the dates and names exact match :) Thank you thank you thank you for your time and efforts searching hunting and finding :)

You are the BEST!

Thank you

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Re: Looking for LIBERATORE family

Postby Tessa78 » 27 Jul 2011, 16:32

Prego! :D :D :D


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Re: Looking for LIBERATORE family

Postby LMD777 » 24 Jun 2012, 01:54

Hi, saw your postings about Nicola Liberatore. There may be multiple Bellisario Liberatores, as we have a Belisario born 1852 in born Piettraferrazana Chiete, Abruzzi, Italy, son of Martino Liberatore. Martino married first Angela Scupino, mother of Bellisario, and then her sister Lucia Scupino, mother of Antonio. Belisario and Antonio are half brothers. (Spellings change on all the names)

We are researching Belisario's brother Antonio Liberatore, b. 1867, Piettraferrazana, died likely in Massachusetts between 1925-1930. I can't find death records for Antonio, nor his wife Maria Elisa Palladino, parents of Martin F., Attilio, Lucia (Lucy), and adopted daughter Theresa.
Antonio is my John Liberatore's great grandfather, father of Martin F. Liberatore b. 1900 Massachusetts. Antonio was a chef, had owned a hotel in Maine at one point.

Belisario lived with Antonio in Chelsea MA in the 1920 census.
Is this the same Belisario, father of Nicola married to Rosaria. We thought so, but now are not so certain. What happened to Nicola after the 1920 census?

I have some photos from one part of the family.

It's so confusing!
Any ideas if these are the same family.
Lisa D.

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Maria Elisa Palladino and Antonio LIBERATORE records

Postby LMD777 » 19 Sep 2012, 02:19

Hello researchers of Liberatores of Pietraferrazana, Chieti, Italy and Boston MA:
I am stumped looking for death records of Antonio and Mary Liberatore of Boston.

Maria Elisa Palladino b. 1880 Naples, Italy,daughter of Francesco Palladino, married in Boston, to Antonio Liberatore b. 1867 Pietraferrazana, son of Martino Liberatore. (Much of the records for this line are in earlier posts here by others.)
Their children were Martin, Lucia (Lucy), Attilio and adopted daughter Theresa (SIdebar: does anyone know her history?).
Martin married Alice Wright, Lucy married Benson Petersen, Attilio married anna Jodice. Theresa married Lucien "Pearlie" Thibault. (Our family comes from Martin and Alice.)

Antonio, a chef, is listed in Boston city directories of 1925, but is not on the 1930 US Census. He must have died btw 1925 -1930, as on 1930 census Mary is listed as widow. We have no record of his death.

His wife, Mary E. Liberatore is listed in Chelsea in 1940 US Census, and in 1946 City directories of Chelsea, in the same house she resided with Antonio/Anthony. She is living with Attilio or Lucy in 1930 and in 1940, and 1946.
Her great grandsons recall she died at Chelsea Memorial Hospital, possibly about 1962. But they were young so don't have real information.
She worked so may have had a social security card.
Massachusetts Vital records are usually very good, but I can't find anything via Ancestry, FamilySearch or Google.
Would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks,
Lisa D.

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