How to write a letter to Italy

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How to write a letter to Italy

Postby TheInvisibleFisherman » 13 Aug 2011, 04:42

Good evening everyone.

I need to write several letters to Italy in search for a birth certificate for citizenship. Can anyone give me a good example letter/ letter template for this?

Also, what do I need to include in the envelope? I've read that people historically have included an international reply coupon, but I've heard many other suggestions as well. This includes sending 2 IRCs instead of 1 to make up for the weak dollar, not sending one at all because many stato civiles are not permitted to accept payments, and sending a check instead of a stamp so they could buy their own stamps.

Another thing Ive noticed is that all the post offices around me do not sell IRC's. Is this because they have been phased out or because the only way to get them is through the internet?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to write a letter to Italy

Postby Tessa78 » 13 Aug 2011, 04:57

Hi :-)

Don't worry about sending any money or IRC with your initial request. Most comunes will provide the records for free. If they need to charge for the service, they will contact you (provide an email address in case they have that capability)

I would send a self-addressed UNSTAMPED envelope as a courtesy :-)

Here are some sites providing guidelines for writing letters in Italian :-) ... civile.asp ... talrecords ... archbymail ... tter3.html


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