famiglia monte montanarelli

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famiglia monte montanarelli

Postby belle » 23 Oct 2004, 18:58

hi people from gioia dell colle in provincia di Bari

my great gran father was born in 1873: His name is Monte Domenico.
He was married to Vita Maria Montanarelli. The name of my great gran fathers father was MONTE Donatantonio.Does anybody knows more about them?
Every answer will be appreciate.
fabia :D

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Re: famiglia monte montanarelli

Postby ptimber » 23 Oct 2004, 19:50

You can trace their families back to 1809 easily enough by going to the family history library of the Mromon church nearest your home and rent out the civil records of births,marraiges,deraths and family histories on micrfoilm for about $3.00. If you wish you can bring along a book titled Discovering Your Italian Ancestors by Lynn Nelson whicxh is a newxcvellent companion with the microfilm and bring laong a magnifying glass to look closely because the beautiful script of the turnof the century handwriting is sometimes difficult to read. You can also go to the www.,ellisisland.org website and look up their arrival inthe USA and to whom they were destined. If there is anything else you would like to know or how to obtain specific dolcuments from Gioia Del Colle, Please let me know, Incidentally you can look up any relatives by going to the www.paginebianche.it weebsite and putting in your surnam, in the first line and Gioia Del Colle in the third line and click CERCA and all persons with the last name you choose to put in will show up with their full names,addresses and telephone numbers. Lots of luck. Peter

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