Death records for people who died at sea?

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Death records for people who died at sea?

Postby Dimino » 12 Oct 2011, 17:15

My Dimino family ancestors come from the southwest Sicilian town of Sciacca. I've been able to find many, many records about them through and but have been unable to find a death record for my great-great grandfather Accursio Dimino born March 25, 1838 in Sciacca to Giuseppe DiMino (born 1806) and Rosa Sabella (born 1815), and married to Vita Sclafani on Oct. 22, 1865. The "oral family" history tells me that he died at sea with his oldest son, Guiseppe (born 1869), in the late 1800s (sometime between 1894 and 1902), but I have been unable to confirm this through any death records. Does anyone know how Italian officials handled deaths at sea if no body was ever found (e.g., did they issue a death certificate at some point)? Any help would be most appreciated!

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Re: Death records for people who died at sea?

Postby jack182183 » 16 Oct 2011, 17:00

It depends on if the family registered the death despite it not being in the town. If they did, the record would be included in the "Parte II" section of the year, which are supplement records found after the records of those who died in the town "Parte I" Usually these records were entirely handwritten and didn't follow the typical typed form of most records, so they tend to get overlooked.

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