Demetrio Albano and Salvatrice Insalaco

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Demetrio Albano and Salvatrice Insalaco

Postby Anthony1234 » 28 Jan 2012, 18:42

Hello. I've been doing a lot of research of my ancestors and have gathered more information than I could have ever imagined. Of everything I've gathered, I have one piece of information that I just can't locate and am trying to see if anyone may know how I might be able to find this information.

Demetrio Albano was born 10 August 1891 in Eboli, Italy to Raffaele Albano and Pasqualina D'Ambrosio. I have record of his arrival in the U.S. in 1907. He married Salvatrice Insalaco in Manhattan in 1915.

Salvatrice Insalaco was born about 1891 in Racalmuto, Sicily to Francesco Insalaco and Maria Grazia Morreale. I have record of her arrival in the U.S. in 1911. I have record of her and Demetrio from both the 1920 and 1930 census with residences in the Bronx and in Brooklyn and all of her and Demetrio's children.

What I can't find is anything in regards to their deaths. I can't find any death records whatsoever. Demetrio died in 1955, but that date was provided by relatives and has not been verified nor can I locate an exact date.

Are there any tricks or hints that anyone can provide that may help me locate this information? After finding so much information about them, it is a little frustrating to not be able to find something that you would think would be so easily obtainable, such as when they died.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Re: Demetrio Albano and Salvatrice Insalaco

Postby Tessa78 » 29 Jan 2012, 17:57

Hello and welcome! :-)

My suggestion would be to try and track Demetrio's death through the Social Security Death Index (or have them do a search)

For NYC Vital is their list of holdings at the Municipal Archives ... ings.shtml
I think you may need to find out in which county the death occurred and write to them.

Totally unrelated to Demetrio's death, I found this US Passport Application, and since you didn't mention it above, I thought I would post it for you.

DOB of 10 Aug 1891 in Eboli, Italy; and arrival in 1907
There is a physical description on the second page and a PHOTO! :-)

Click once to enlarge and again to magnify...
Right side of image

Left side of image

In addition, here is a link to a 1946 article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle about a trip that Demetrio and his daughter Phyllis (Filomena?)and son William were making to Italy...
(give it time to load) :-) ... hForm=C%3a\inetpub\wwwroot\Fulton_New_form.html&.pdf

Leave for Italy
DeMetrio Albano and his
daughter and son, Miss Phyllis
Albano and William Albano, of
Coney Island Ave., sailed on
Sept. 28 on the.S. S. Shank for
a trip to Italy. They will stop
in Naples where Mr. Albano,
who is a clothing manufacturer,
sent much wearing apparel to
the needy during the war. The
residents of the city arranged a
parade to welcome their benefactor.
Miss Albano was an officer
in the WAC during the war
and William Albano served in
the Marines.


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Re: Demetrio Albano and Salvatrice Insalaco

Postby adelfio » 29 Jan 2012, 18:44

Welcome to the IG website. Looking on could your this possible be your Demetrio Albano
Name:Demetrio Albano
Residence Year:1937
Street Address:706 Turner Apt 1
Residence Place:Allentown, Pennsylvania
Occupation:Mgr Allen shirt company
Publication Title:Allentown, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1937

Also if you dont have it Salvatrice Insalaco birth act from Racalmuto
In the year 1891 Dec 20 before the civil official of Racalmuto appeared Francesco Insalaco age 42 sulphur miner in a house in Racalmuto at 11:02 am
with Maria Grazia Morreale legal wife gave birth to a baby girl named Salvatrice Insalaco
click for record click again to enlarge


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Re: Demetrio Albano and Salvatrice Insalaco

Postby Anthony1234 » 29 Jan 2012, 20:07

Thanks for replies and information. I had the passport application, but never looked at the 2nd page. I'm glad you pointed that out to me. The newspaper article is definitely my ancestors. That was interesting to see.

As for being in Allentown, PA, I can't confirm nor deny if that is in fact my Demetrio. I know he was in the clothing business so it very well could be; however, I've never heard anyone talking about living in PA. It has always been NY. I'll have to ask around and see if it could be the same Demetrio.

Thanks again for the information. I have been able to locate some other items about the dates on both Salvatrice and Demetrio's death. I can't find either in the social security death index nor can I find any info about obituaries. I searched the newspaper site that is linked above and found a notice for Salvatrice's will with a date of July 1939. There's also a legal case in regards to Demetrio's will from 1964 that has his date of death as June 5, 1955. Other than that, subsequent of requesting the vital records from the city, I haven't found much more.

Again, thanks for everyone's time and assistance. It is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Demetrio Albano and Salvatrice Insalaco

Postby DebiHarbuck » 29 Jan 2012, 20:43

This could be Salvatrice's death certificate, from the index at

Albano Sarah 47 y Jul 1 1939 14299 Kings
Roccanova/Magistra/Rubertone/Paduano of Craco, Matera, Basilicata AND Latorraca/Cassino/Petrocelli/Peluso of Saponara di Grumento (now Grumento Nova) & Moliterno, Potenza, Basilicata

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