Cafarelli-Galgano Connection in Laurenzana

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Cafarelli-Galgano Connection in Laurenzana

Postby lcafarel » 24 Feb 2012, 02:04

I am interested in connecting with anyone who is researching the Cafarelli/a or Galgano families in Laurenzana, Potenza. My husband's Cafarelli line went from Laurenzana to Ferrandina around 1800. The earliest person I have so far is Liborio Cafarelli, born about 1755-62 in Laurenzana and died in 1835 in Ferrandina. He was married to Maria Gaetana Galgano, who died in October 1805; this date come from her son's 1818 Atti di Matrimonio (there are no processetti), but I haven't found her actual death record yet and don't know where she died. At least a couple of Liborio's and Maria's children were born in Laurenzana and moved to Ferrandina. Liborio remarried and had at least one child with another wife, Argenzia Suriano, in Ferrandina in September 1807.

All the records I have so far are from Ferrandina. Since there were many Cafarellis and Galganos in Laurenzana, I suspect that Liborio and Maria married there and that he may have left Laurenzana after her death to marry Argenzia in Ferrandina, and at least some of his children went with him.

I'd be especially interested to know if anyone has traced direct descendants of Liborio and Maria Galgano in Laurenzana, found either of them as siblings to the line you are researching, or come across a record of Maria's death. If I find more information on her death or approximate birth, I'll post it later.


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