Looking for Buscema grandparent's info

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Looking for Buscema grandparent's info

Postby sjbuscema » 06 Jul 2012, 16:08

My grandparents, Salvatore Buscema & Maria Maddalena Di Pasquale, were from Buccheri, Sicily. They came to the US in the earlyl 1900's and settled in Lawrence, Ma. I'm looking for any information from Buccheri or any other town about them. Salvatore was born 12/27/1873 and Maria on 12/22/1880 (the best info I have). There is some information the their parent were Salvatore Buscema & Grazia Incage, and Salvatore Di Pasquale & Orazia Martifano, again not confermed (lots of Salvatore's in my family, my name also).

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