Searching for family name "Maloni"

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Searching for family name "Maloni"

Postby mds82084 » 23 Jul 2012, 17:09

It seems that there is no history on "Maloni." I see common names like Meloni, Melone, Malone etc. It might have been changed when my family came to the United States? I don't know anyone on my maternal fathers side of the family other than that he was Sicilian and would like to know more. If anyone could help it would be appreciated.

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Re: Searching for family name "Maloni"

Postby wldspirit » 24 Jul 2012, 12:26

Welcome to IG. Members here need additional detail to conduct a search for you, such as first names, time frame and location. A casual search on the surname reveals over 100+ persons around 1930 living in the USA, primarily on the East coast. Once US records are established they can then locate the original spelling of the name and perhaps the exact town in Italy from which they came.


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