Help- Consiglio's, Pellerito's, Zerilli's from Terrasini

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Help- Consiglio's, Pellerito's, Zerilli's from Terrasini

Postby Tkconsiglio » 20 Sep 2012, 00:49


My husband and I moved to Italy, temporarily, for a job opportunity and have been here for a little over a year. We will be traveling to Sicily in a few weeks and are curious if there is family still here. Any advice on how I can figure this out?
His great-grandparents came to America in 1910 and we want to find out if he had siblings that stayed in Italy.

Our info:

Alphonsus Consiglio-
Born: Sept. 19, 1888 in Terrassini Sicily
Married: April 19, 1910 in Ontario Canada
Resided: Wyandotte, MI
Parents: mother- Providentia Zerilli
Father- Gujetunus Consiglio (???? Name is from marriage record and in Latin. I was thinking MAYBE it's Caietanus, which translates to Gaetano??? I know "i" and "j" are sometimes interchangeable in Latin and the "u" could be an "a". I swear the first letter is a G and not a C though... So confusing! I found a "Gaetano Consiglio" passenger record from Ellis island who was going to stay with his brother Alphonso who lived in Wyandotte, MI (same location as the great-grandfather) I know Italians recycle their first names like crazy so its quite possible the name is Gaetano.

Alphonsus married-
Rosalia Pellerito
Born: Sept. 28, 1890 in Terrassini Sicily
Immigrated: March 28, 1910 on Martha Washington
Parents- Father: Vitus Pellerito (marriage record, Name probably in Latin)
Mother: Rosa Zerilli

Any help would be appreciated. Grazie Mille!

Ciao tutti-

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Re: Help- Consiglio's, Pellerito's, Zerilli's from Terrasini

Postby vj » 20 Sep 2012, 18:13

Hey Kelly!
Have you been thru the White Pages for Terrassini?
This link will do a surname search for Terrassini and nearby

White pages:

Form Letter to a Possible Relative

(remember, in Italy women keep their maiden names)

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