DiLallo's from Petrella Tifernina

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Re: DiLallo's from Petrella Tifernina

Postby kdelallo » 06 Jul 2014, 21:10

Hi My name is Kimberly...

My Great Grandpa's name was Nicola Dilallo... He married Teresa Pollice in Italy in the early 1900's.

Nicola DiLallo came to America on the "Sant' Anna" in October 1910.
Teresa (Pollice) DiLallo came to America on the "Duca Degli Abruzzi" in May 1911 (she came over with her married name) (she came over with her brother Nicola Pollice)

There last name was switched to DeLallo at some point. (My grandfathers last name on both his birth and baptism certificate is DiLallo - however we are all DeLallo's now)

They resided in Solvey, NY and had 5 children together, 3 boys and 2 girls. (Leo, Michael, Paul and Grace & Josephine)

My grandfather, Michael, passed a year and a half ago... I was married recently and am headed to Italy on my honeymoon this summer. I am hoping to track down any living family members or at least see the town they grew up in.

I know that both Nicola and Teresa (my great-grandparents) were from the Province Campobasso.

Teresa - Santa Croce Magliano
Nicola - Petrella Tifernina

Any help would be so much appreciated!!! Thank you
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Re: DiLallo's from Petrella Tifernina

Postby ItalianOrigins » 07 Jul 2014, 10:01

Hello Kimberly! My parents-in-law live in Santa Croce di Magliano. There is still one Pollice family living in the town, they may be the descendants of Teresa. I don't know them in person but the town is very small and everyone knows each other so I may be able to find it out. Same thing for Petrella Tifernina;if you have your grandparents birth record,it would make things easier for the research. When are you coming to Italy?
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Re: DiLallo's from Petrella Tifernina

Postby Chris Camino » 14 Jul 2014, 15:54

Hi I am Christine Camino Altizer I am in Baltimore, my family comes from Richieville, Pa and Brownsville Pa area. I am trying to find out where in Italy our family is from. My father thought we were from Northern Italy that's about all I have to go on...

My Father Richard Louis Camino brother Larry Camino
Grandfather Louis Camino lived Richieville Pa married/divorced Shirley Radcliffe? Then Vivian
Great Grandfather Joseph Camino Had bakery in Brownsville, Pa. He came from Italy by way of Florence in 1870's. The story goes that his bakery became successful and wrote home to find a wife to do a the numbers (accountant) her name was Mary... I recall visiting a relative named Georgie, she was an Aunt? Of my fathers. We also had an Aunt Boots in the family ...

Please contact me if this rings a bell cmca1@Verizon.net
Chris Camino
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