What a great Site!!

Are you looking for an Italian surname? Do you need more information about your family heritage?
This is the right place to start your genealogy search.
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What a great Site!!

Postby trevisan2 » 05 Feb 2005, 04:38

I would like to say thanks for the creators of Italiangenealogy.com for creating a forum for folks of Italian decent to come together. The site is one of my favorite ones.
Please let us concentrate on the goodness of the site and leave the BS home.
Many of us are still have much to learn in the research process.
I have much to learn, and have picked up a few things here and there from the more experienced members.
Best Reguards
Researching in the provience of Treviso, Italy, Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia of Brescia.
Domege di Cadore

Forno di Rivara, TO, Canischio, TO

Surnames Melchiori of Oderzo, TV, Vendrame of TV, Rossi of Rai di San Polo, Bonotto of TV.

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Re: What a great Site!!

Postby mfjp » 05 Feb 2005, 11:32

I have been to other Genea sites, and by far this is the best one. The only pop up window you will see here is the one that tells you that you have a private message when you log in.

Sometimes doing a lookup for someone can be scary, especially when you pick the wrong family... but you learn more with each help...

This site is like a house and it should open it’s doors to all... just like way my relatives have always done.

thanks for the creators of Italiangenealogy.com for creating a forum for folks of Italian decent to come together.

agree... :D

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Re: What a great Site!!

Postby wldspirit » 05 Feb 2005, 15:55

An excellent site......I have learned so much....and I have so much to
learn, :D
If not for the help provided here, I would still be stuck at the beginning.
Some of the information I have obtained was so exciting...such as Suanj
finding my Nonno's first manifest......and discovering that my Nonno was joining a cousin here.......a mystery we have yet to solve, :?
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, Peter included.

I agree Trevisan.......lets leave the BS at home, :wink:


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