stato di famiglia??

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stato di famiglia??

Postby nrepole » 14 Apr 2013, 07:16

Hi all
I have had a lot of trouble and have given up getting a Stato di Famiglia record for my relatives in the town of Rapone, Province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. The comune have told me that they do not issue those certificates (so crucial for family history research) anymore. They used to issue them up to about 4 years ago, but things have changed at the comune level and they cannot perform this service for me. So, in the meanwhile, can I get the same information from somewhere else? The Archives of Potenza??? I wonder if other italian comunes have this policy...(is it legal? or do I have rights to complain to someone? if so, to who?)

regards to all
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Re: stato di famiglia??

Postby adelfio » 14 Apr 2013, 14:37

You know its a great idea the state of the family for family history but a lot of the communes would have to look through their records of individual years to complete the request with the economic times I don't think its going to happen. It would be like going here in the US to a county office asking them to search through all their birth records to produce a list of your family. I don't think its going to happen

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