Bosco, Francesco Domenico - Marsicovetere - also Campiglia

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Bosco, Francesco Domenico - Marsicovetere - also Campiglia

Postby boscodesc » 12 May 2013, 02:17

Dear Bosco People, also Marsicovetere Marotta (?) and Campiglia Families,
also Borra of Turin,

Searching for whomever could help with access to LDS microfilm birth records for my great grandfather, Francesco Domenico Bosco (harpist/violinist), born Marsicovetere 15 May 1845. It is apparently this microfilm number in LDS records: Nati, pubblicazioni, matrimoni, morti, diversi, allegati 1842-1847 - FHL INTL Film [1796269], which came from this link: ... 1&last=100

According to Francesco's death certificate in Denver, 25 Feb 1912, his natural father was Antony (Antonio?) Bosco, mother Marie Maretta (Maria Moretta?). He may have been illegitimate with different surname in Italy. Had a club foot, which may be in records. Father may have been a lawyer in Italian army. Francesco married Mary Louise Neal in Louisiana in 1871, and had eight children, born in Arkansas and Denver: Clara Elizabeth, Francis William, Mary Amelia, Florence Louise, George Borra, Leonardo Ernesto, Leona Christina and Luella Bedortha.

As to the Campiglia family, I refer to the Bernardo Campiglia family of Marsicovetere who emigrated to Denver and then Southern California. I have just found in my family records what I believe to be a 19th century photo of three Campiglia family members that may be of interest to descendants. My Francesco gave his long-beloved harp to the Campiglia family. According to writing on the back of the photo, the harp (perhaps originally given to Bernard?), went to "daughter Matilda (1955)." The name Richard Pierson is written next to hers, with an address in Whittier, CA. Above that is the name Christine (Mrs. Clyde Malpede), with an address in Santa Monica, CA. I hope to find descendants who know something of the disposition of the harp, and/or ANYthing of life in Marsicovetere. Musical life there is of greatest interest, also anything to do with children sent out with padrones to play harp/violin on streets in Paris/London/New York, also 1857 earthquake in Basilicata, also how Italian Wars of Independence affected that area, any local history, etc.

Bosco family stories say that after an unpleasant childhood, Francesco "roamed Europe for a few years playing music." Would give anything to know who were his musical companions, then, or on 1865 or 1866 ship to U.S. (played their way to pay passage?). Or perhaps he was with a padrone during the "roaming" years. I understand many children who served padrones were from Marsicovetere and Viggiano (see great book "Little Slaves of the Harp," on It's all such a mystery!

There is reference on the back of the photo to the Vito family of musicians being from the same town -- Joseph, Ed and Elaine (famed harpists of their time). Not sure if there is any real connection with them other than sharing same birthplace.

I am working on a book about an 1860 French violin that was 150 years in our Bosco family. Book completion is June 30, so am on a demanding time schedule in pursuit of ANYTHING on years in Italy. This violin originally belonged to a music teacher named Joseph Borra, born 1811 in Turin, died in 1885, perhaps in Butte, MT. Taught 45+ years in U.S. in 20+ states (!).

I will copy this same posting to several different forums/sites and see what happens. I can be reached through Ancestry or at

Forgot -- writing on photo says "seven brothers emigrated to Ontario." I'm assuming that means Canada, and this means Francesco's brothers and not Campiglias. Not sure.

Many thanks,

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Re: Bosco, Francesco Domenico - Marsicovetere - also Campiglia

Postby joetucciarone » 18 Sep 2015, 21:36

Hi Valerie,

You mentioned that a lot of victims of padrones were from Viggiano. I just found an article dated October 17, 1878 in the San Francisco Bulletin. It's about Pasquale Pisani, a handicapped man from Viggiano, who was sold by his brother, Francesco, to Martino Damiani, a padrone. The article includes the entire, seven-part "contract" between Francesco and Martino. The contract mentioned Pasquale's obligations to Martino, the amount of money owed to Francesco, etc.


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Re: Bosco, Francesco Domenico - Marsicovetere - also Campiglia

Postby suanj » 27 Dec 2015, 17:11

the 1845 births of Marsicovetere are on line now, but I cannot find Francesco Domenico Bosco birth.. on 16 May 1845 was found a baby of unknown parents, named by registrar: Antonio Quasimondo http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... ewsIndex=0

I believe you don't have the 1885 census, maybe interesting for you: ... cc=1807096
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