Digitalized Italian Records for any town

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Re: Digitalized Italian Records for any town

Postby rp76226 » 23 Jun 2013, 17:32

Eleven, the original link I gave you had the year you were looking for (1889). When you click on my link, there are three blue links given on the next screen. Each link covers a different group of years for all the towns of Bari for births, marriages, and deaths. The last one on the right would have given you the information you needed. So if you find that in the future, other years might be useful to you, then my link will provide all the years between 1809 through 1900.

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Re: Digitalized Italian Records for any town

Postby Eleven » 24 Jun 2013, 15:23

Thanks for this. I dont think this site works at night (eastern time), but it is working now. Its very slow and clunky to use. Good thing my cousin only needs one document and knows the exact date. I could never do what I am doing in Rionero (on family search), using these records. I would likely grow a beard before I finished (and i am female)

Thanks again. I sent the info to my cousin and she can When she finds it (if she finds it) I can get her the info from it that she is looking for. Since I am not fluent, if there is notation that I cant read, you guys will hear from me again. Thanks again.

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