ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

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ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby ccapplin » 22 Jul 2013, 23:05


I'm trying to trace the family of my grandmother. I have a few details and dates:

Name: Clara Guiseppena ZABARELLA
Birth: 10 Aug 1924 in Padua (as far as I have been told)
Married: Laurence Alfred William MARCHESE

All the following details could use verification, but are fairly certain based on family stories:

Father: Luigi ZABARELLA
Birth: 15 Dec 1892, Nanto
Death: 11 Apr 1945, Austrian Concentration Camp

Birth/Death (approx): 1926 - 1943

Brother: Aldo ZABARELLA
Birth (approx): 1922

Any help would be fantastic!

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Re: ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby adelfio » 23 Jul 2013, 16:01

Welcome to IG website
You will have to write for records because the birth records online of Paduva only go to 1910 I would start with writing for Clara Guiseppena Zabarella birth act in Padova and get Luigi Zabarella birth on film at a Family History Center near you

If your sure of the birth date and birth town of Luigi heres the film you will need
Nati, matrimoni, pubblicazioni, allegati matrimoniali, morti, diversi 1892 Family History Library INTL Film# 1810164
Registri dello stato civile di Nanto (Vicenza), 1806-1900 films ... %20Library

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Re: ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby paola52 » 24 Jul 2013, 14:18


I found this entry for Luigi Zabarella in a data base of prisoners in the lager of Bolzano/Bozen during WWII

"“Zabarella Luigi born in Nanto (Vicenza province) december 15 1892, clerk
Was deported from Bolzano to Mauthausen January 8 1945 Died here April 11 1945”

The book is very interesting there is the link ... goni-dario

Also in the data base of Mauthausen Memorial ... tart=39800
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Re: ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby pink67 » 24 Jul 2013, 16:24

In addition to the (great) record Paola found, this is the same reference from the site

Austria, Mauthausen/Gusen Concentration Camp Death Record Books , 1938-1945

Name: Luigi Zabarella
Birth Date: 15 Dec 1892
Birth Place: Nanto ?
Mauthaus #: 115836
Nationality: Italien (Italy)
Arrest Reason: Schutz (Protective custody)
Night and Fog: No
Profession: Beamter (Official / officer)
Death Date: 11 Apr 1945
Arrival Date: 1945
Source: AMM Y/36; (E/13/1)


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Re: ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby ccapplin » 25 Jul 2013, 21:41

Thanks all so much!

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Re: ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby giampy100 » 13 Nov 2013, 21:56

Hello, I'm Gian Pietro Zabarella. I read for case your search.
I live in Monselice, in Italy, in the province of Padua. My father, sadly died last February, is Aldo Zabarella. He was born in 1928 in Nanto. Surely he would have more precise details but, with the precious help of my mother, I can tell you that Luigi Zabarella should be the brother of my grandfather. So Ada and Aldo were ​​my father's cousins. My mother remembers that Luigi died in a concentration camp, that Aldo, born in 1923, was a policeman. My mother says to have even a foto's Ada. She remembers also that a my father's cousin (she does not remember her name) married a British soldier came in Italy during the war. She should have had 10 children.
If you think there are many coincidences you can contact me again so I'll try to inform me more to add it other details.
Best regards.
Gian Pietro Zabarella

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Re: ZABARELLA in Padua (Padova) - my grandmother

Postby ccapplin » 08 Dec 2013, 23:06

Hi Gian! Many thanks to you and your mother and I am sorry to hear of your father's passing.

There are many coincidences there! It was my grandmother, Clara, that married a British soldier, Laurence, (whose father was also Italian) during the war and, as you said, had 10 children (my mother included). One of them, my uncle, was born in Italy; his name is Jon-Luigi Marchese.

That you so much for what you have told me. Do you have any more details? Could you tell me your father's parents names please?

Best regards,

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