Cafarella Families in Laurenzana and Castelmezzano

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Cafarella Families in Laurenzana and Castelmezzano

Postby lcafarel » 29 Jul 2013, 06:57

Our Cafarelli family migrated from Laurenzana to Ferrandina around 1800 and I am just beginning to really delve into the Laurenzana records. I now have our direct line back to about 1700 in Laurenzana, where the name appears as Cafarella or Caffarella in the church records, and I'm beginning to trace sibling lines forward and trying to figure out how other Cafarellas are related. I also believe that our line is related to Cafarella families in Castelmezzano and neighboring towns, but have not yet found specific connections.

If you have a connection to this family in Laurenzana, I'd appreciate the opportunity to share information. Also, if you know of specific Cafarella or other family connections between Laurenzana and neighboring towns, please let me know. Thanks!

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