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Wives of Francesco Sormanti

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Wives of Francesco Sormanti

Postby Amansolillo » 29 Jul 2013, 18:28

My great-great-grandfather was Francesco Sormanti. He immigrated from Ceprano to Rhode Island in 1907. His wife, Angela Cocuzzoli, died in 1916 in Rhode Island. I've been able to find the 1910, 1920, and 1940 censuses of Francesco, but not the 1930 census. However, I found a 1930 census of a Frank Sormanti married to a Pasqualina Gentile who had been previously married. Pasqualina and her children do not appear with Francesco in the 1940 census. The reason why I am confused is because to my knowledge, divorce was not permitted in Italy in the time Francesco lived there and I am certain that he would abide to customs that he had grown up with for 40 years. Additionally, I found a 1917 marriage record for a Francesco Sormanti and a Filomena Possimato (whose last name is from a previous marriage). However, this Filomena does not appear with Francesco in the 1920 census and later remarries and dies in 1940. Again, I find it unlikely that Francesco divorced Pasqualina and Filomena. Francesco died in 1950 and his obituary only lists Angela Cocuzzoli as being his wife. Sormanti is not a common Italian last name, especially in Rhode Island (it's to my knowledge that all of the Sormantis in Rhode Island are descended from Francesco), so it is very unlikely that the Francesco Sormanti married to Pasqualina Gentile and the Francesco Sormanti married to Filomena are different Francescos. I would appreciate it if anyone could share any ideas as to whether or not these Francescos are one in the same and if so, why he seemingly divorced from Pasqualina and Filomena.
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