Surnames: Dolciato and Degeronimo

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Surnames: Dolciato and Degeronimo

Postby meyernl » 10 Apr 2005, 04:18

I am going to visit Italy next fall and I would like to visit where my great-grandparents came from.

Antimo Dolciato arrived in America in 1908 and came from Campania, Caserta, Carinola. We think he came from Falciano, but I am having trouble finding where that is.

His wife, Maria Degeronimo came from Isernia and arrived in America, with their son Sylvester, in 1909. Isernia, I believe is in the Molise region. Her residence was thought to be Rionero Sannitico, but I cannot locate that.

Has anyone run across these surnames in their research? I am sorry if I am violating any forum rules - I just joined today.
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