traveling to Sicily and Rome

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traveling to Sicily and Rome

Postby marymary52 » 09 Dec 2013, 07:06

Hello. I will be going to Sicily around the spring. I would like to go to Santa Margherita Messina and Milazzo How far apart are they? and how do I find a guide to take me around the city. Will I need a car? and I need a really nice place to stay. I think I'll be there for 3 days. Then off to Rome. Does anyone on this site have any suggestion . Their Might be 3-4 of us.Thank you, Margaret. We need the guide to help us around the towns and to show us how to get to Rome. Can we take the train to r
Rome? or do we need to fly to Rome?.

Queen Ann
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Re: traveling to Sicily and Rome

Postby Queen Ann » 18 Dec 2013, 15:10

Messina is in the east corner of Sicily and Milazzo is located in the North front of the Island. For a nice hotel you have to visit tripadvisor, the best travel site for Europe and Italy. Choose at least a 4 stars hotel and write asking also a guide english speaking with a car. They shall provide because public transport is... It's not advisable to rent a car. European people drive in another way than americans and the towns have narrow streets, hills and valley and may be not easy to drive. Traffic or car accidents are announced by radio in the car so if your italian comprehension is not good you can stay hours in the traffic.
From Messina to Roma you have to take a flight or if you prefer a 10-12 hour train in not a comfortable wagon. Flights are good, frequent and not so expensive if you shall visit tripadvisor, again.
In Rome you have a wide choice of hotel and guide agencies. Please take only registered guides, registered taxi or car rental agencies . From the States you can book with hertz and other majors. If you want to visit the ancient Rome take a hotel near Termini, Venezia, Gianicolo and check on the map of hotels where they are. Hotel claiming peace and located surrounding Rome means a lot of time lost reaching the center of the city. Rome is a big, big, wide, wide city with traffic and not the best public transport system. Enjoy.

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