La Greca in the states

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La Greca in the states

Postby bluefairy79 » 25 Dec 2013, 23:00

So last night I decided to show my dad how far I got with my La Greca tree and found out some new info, here it is any help would be great. My great Uncle Salvatore La Greca born 7 nov 1889 Son of Vito and Geatana Reina, left Cammarata and moved to New Jersey we believe it's Bayonne he had many children these are some that my dad recalls Angelo (last known place was Boston Massachusetts), Carmela, Nazzarena (they may have called her Ida think she had a daughter they called her Debbie son named jack and husband Bruno not sure if that was his last or first name), Bill and Vincenza believe her husband was Di Stefano Giovanni or John
I am looking for La Greca’s in the states that have family from Cammarata ,San Giovanni, Santo Stefano and surroundings as the towns are small and some family may have moved after they married etc. I have gone as far back as 1726 including descendants so if you are at a dead end I may be able to help you out or you may even surprise me, anything is possible .Any help would be great.

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