Tortolano, Secondino, Varlese, Di Amendola

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Tortolano, Secondino, Varlese, Di Amendola

Postby Mazzietorts » 18 Feb 2014, 14:00

Going to Cassino in Italy in April (from Australia) and because all the Cassino records were destroyed in WW2 hoping someone in Italy or a distant relative that has done a family tree that might link into mine who can add more info.

This is what I have on my great grandparents.

Carl Tortolano married Palmerinda Secondino they had 2 children Guiseppe (my grandfather Guiseppe born 1880) Raffaela (born 1888). Guiseppe immigrated to England and married there. He unfortunately died on th Arondara Star (Italian and German internees were put on board this ship to be sent to Canada and it was sunk by german torpedo. Many Italian men died, 4 came originally from Cassino - Tortolano, Nardone & Borsamoto - all linked to my family in some way)

Grandmothers parents
Francesca Varlese married Allessandro Di Amendola and they had 3 children Annatonia (my grandmother born 1888), Alec (born ?) & Rossini (born 1895). My grndmother Annatonia immigrated to England with her mother Alessandro when her husband died in Cassino. She remarried in England to Nicola Pacitto and they moved back to Cassino (as he was originally born there also).

So any info on my great grandparents and further back would be appreciated.

Also, if there are any memorials for the 4 victims of Arandora Star from Cassino. There seems to be other memorials in Italy - Bardi but I dont know of anything in Cassino.

Sorry for such a long post but lots of names and maybe someone can help?

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Re: Tortolano, Secondino, Varlese, Di Amendola

Postby adelfio » 18 Feb 2014, 15:18

Welcome to IG website there are records of Cassino online ( were redone by people going back to the town hall and given family info to redue the town registry IF you look at the records there are 2 dates the date of the record and the recorded date after the war

PG LINK TO RECORDS ... Fwaypoints

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Re: Tortolano, Secondino, Varlese, Di Amendola

Postby Italysearcher » 18 Feb 2014, 21:15

It is unlikely you will find records for your Grandmother and her siblings BUT, if you are lucky and there aren't too many with the same name you MIGHT find their parents births before 1865. The timing is tight but, you could be lucky. The films go back to 1809. There are no parish records left in Cassino before 1900 so your search probably stops about the late 1700's.
The only way you could find Raffaela is to ask the town to look for her death record. If she survived WW2 they should be able to find her and tell you who she married. Her children will have her husband's surname.
The town office should know if there is a memorial to those who died on the Arandora Star. I hope you speak Italian! There is an authentic Irish Fish & Chip restaurant in Cassino.
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