Morreale/ Salvo Families

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Morreale/ Salvo Families

Postby ptimber » 02 Dec 2002, 20:04

ThThere are 18 listings for Morreale and 26 listing s for Saklere are18 persons surnamed Morreale and 26 persons surnamed Salvo in Montedoro. Records prior to that of Onofrio Montedoro can go back to the fisrst decade of 1800-1805 in Montedoro. You can request birth records for Onofrio and Carmela since you know their year of birth from ellis island records. From their birth records you can determine who their parents are and, at the same time rfequest a certificato di Stato di Famiflia for Onofrio\'s father which will give you his entire immediate family. Write, in Italian, to the Ufficio di Stato Civile in Montedoro, Provincia Caltanisetta. You can obtain form letters in italian by going to www. in part 3. Include a self addressed envelope and send $5.00 Euro or dollars as suggersted by the Mormon church people. You can also by pass all this by going to the nearest Family History Library of the Mormon church nearest your home and request microfilm for Montedoro which will have all the civil records listed and you can reearch your family at your leisure. The costs for renting the microfilm are around $3.00. It is your decision since you will either have time to conduct the research or find it advatangeous to write to Italy. Your choice. Peter

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