marriage and death records in sicily

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marriage and death records in sicily

Postby mezzogiorno62 » 17 Jun 2014, 00:05

looking for some serious help regarding 2 records i've been searching for over the last 15 years in sicily.francesco landino and maria bonarrigo were the adoptive or surrogate parents of my paternal grandmother(born maria costante in barcellona pg messina in 1883,of ignoti genitori).maria bonarrigo(b.1847 in gualtieri sicamino)was her wetnurse and applied for legal guardianship,which was granted by the stato civile in barcellona.francesco landino(b.1851 in palermo)was her husband.maria bonarrigo immigrated to boston with my grandmother in 1902-and died 1 week later.according to that death record,francesco(who did not accompany them to boston,and to the best of my knowledge,never came here)survived her.this means he died sometime after 1902.but when and where is the mystery.probably not in the usa-most likely in sicily-probably either palermo or messina provinces.but where?also,as francesco and maria were probably married ca.1867-1872(their oldest child,a son,salvatore,was born in barcellona pg in 1872,at which time francesco was only 20,so its doubtful they were married before francesco was 16 or 17).i checked marriage registers in palermo(online database by hugh tornabene covering marriages 1820-1895).nothing.besides barcellona pg i checked virtually every comune surrounding that comune,and found nothing.i have copies of francesco and maria's original births,hoping for annotations to francesco's death and the marriage-but nothing.i was hoping there might be an annotation,especially on maria's birth record,as to when and where the marriage took place.nothing. any suggestions as what to try next would be most welcome.i think i need a psychic genealogist as nothing else seems to work.

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