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Postby LoralDojo » 28 Oct 2014, 03:31

I've compiled a lot of information on families from Moro D'orro, Notaresco, Castelalto... and so on and so forth... Hit me up with your family name and I might be able to help you connect the dots. loreenevans@yahoo.com and put in the subject TERAMO ABRUZZI or something so I don't ignore your email... or post here and I will check back semi annually or so.

wherever peter timber ended up.... I found my entire Abbruzzesi family tree back into the 1700s... i found my cousins in Italy.... I've gone on to find my cousins family trees.... all of this has been done primarily through FamilySearch.org ... I was fortunate that they had transcribed most of Teramo's records ... I have had almost No Luck with my Marchegiani family (Angelini, Constantino, Di Guldi)

My family names are too numerous to list, I appear to be related to nearly all of Teramo and some of Chieti. If you happen to be a descendant of Italian Immigrants to Philadelphia who lived in and around the 49th Street neighborhood, I know your family and I am probably related to you. If I'm not, my cousin definitely is and I've more than likely searched your family tree.

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Postby PeterTimber » 29 Oct 2014, 05:14

I came across your good news quite by accident and am very happy for your successful family researches. Lately I have been finally achieving a breakthrough in 50 year legend about Abruzzo and being the stopping off place for veterans of the 10th legion called back from England during Emperor Hadrians reign to Rome and giving the veterans and their families who were native to England and some from The Netherlands tracts of land to settle inAbruzzo and furnishing Aquila with its capital name which I suspect is based upon the Imperial legion standard of an Eagle! Are you one of those light skinned blue/green eyed British Abruzzese? Peter

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