Giosue Translation

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Giosue Translation

Postby TimInMN » 04 Dec 2014, 13:31

Could someone please tell me the translation of the first name of Giosue. I've heard it could be Joshua or Joe but not sure.

Tim Rogentine

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Re: Giosue Translation

Postby liviomoreno » 04 Dec 2014, 15:18

The name Giosuè derives from the Hebraic יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshùa), and means "God saves".
I would say that Joshua is the correct translation.

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Re: Giosue Translation

Postby carubia » 08 Dec 2014, 07:56

It is Joshua (or Jesus, which is the same name in Greek). Joe would be short for Joseph, which is Giuseppe in Italian.

Just to clarify: "Jesus" in Italian is Gesu'. It's just that the name Jesus itself was originally the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua. The New Testament was written in Greek - Jesus would actually have been known as Joshua by other Jews.

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