matrimoni in barcellona pozzo di gotto

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matrimoni in barcellona pozzo di gotto

Postby mezzogiorno62 » 09 Feb 2015, 19:17

i'm searching for a possible marriage record in barcellona pg would have occurred ca.1870-1880 and is not found in the civil registers in that time period(i checked lds films).the couple,francesco landino and maria bonarrigo,had at least 3 known children all born in barcellona pg.and the marital staus of the couple varried at all 3 1872(salvatore)they were"married"according to the 1877(rosalia)they were"non conjugale or not married,and in 1880(mattia)the husband was noted as being absent,the presenter being a the first 2 births the presenter was the father paternal grandmother,maria costante(she was listed ignoti and costante was the name given her)was the surrogate daughter of this couple as far as i can determine-but possibly their natural child if they were married in the church but not civilly.maria bonarrigo,the wife,presented my grandmother to the civil registry as her wetnurse and requested the care and upbringing,which would be very unusual if they were not in reality related,even natural mother and child.this woman actually took my grandmother to boston with her in 1902 in order to reside with oldest child salvatore,but died 10 days later.more evidence that the relationship was more than child and grandmother was baptized in s.sebastiano chiesa madre in barcellona pg.i have that record.i've written to that parish for information on a possible marriage for francesco landino and maria bonarrigo but get no response.several i said,its very possible this couple may have been my grandmothers natural parents,my grandmother being listed as"ignoti genitori"due to the fact the parents werent married civilly but possibly in the happened frequently.but there are many churches in barcellona pg,a fairly large city in messina.its possible they may not have married at s.sebastiano but at another parish.but how can i verify this without having to contact every parish in barcellona pg?i even tried the diocese in messina with no response.several times.any suggestions as to how to proceed would be most appreciated.

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