Reply I got from : Archivio Storico Diocesano & stato ci

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Reply I got from : Archivio Storico Diocesano & stato ci

Postby Darig » 23 Jul 2005, 01:33

Hello everyone:

I was in Genova for 1 day looking for the birth certificates of my great grand father (1844 - 1847) but unfortunately it was a Saturday and everything is closed in there, however I manage to get the email of some institutions in there and see below answers ... do you recommend to see anywhere else? The last name is Juan or Giovanni Gandullia/Gandulia, I know that there are only very few people with that surname in Italy :? .


Gentile Signore,
in riferimento alla Sua richiesta, Le comuni co che questo Istituto non conserva la documentazione anagrafica indicata all’oggetto. Eventuali ulteriori ricerche andrebbero eventualmente effettuate, ma solo per quanto riguarda Genova:
- per gli anni antecedenti il 1865/1866:
Archivio Storico del Comune di Genova – Piazza Matteotti, 5-16123 GENOVA

- per gli anni successivi a tale data:
Archivio di Stato Civile del Comune di Genova-Corso Torino, 11-16129 GENOVA. E-mail:


Spett Sig

L'archivio diocesano non conserva atti di battesimo e di nascita,
veda allegato

Please advise if you have any answer !!! thanks in advance !!!


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Re: Reply I got from : Archivio Storico Diocesano & stat

Postby suanj » 23 Jul 2005, 02:22

In Archivio di stato of Genova are Liste di leva(militar service) for italian males born from 1815 to 1860... if you find Giovanni Gandulia or Gandullia or Ganduglia or Gandoglia, you can descover exact birthplace in Genova area, and after you can request directly the record in just common, or see the mormons microfilm... regards, suanj
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