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Postby DonnaH » 24 Aug 2005, 06:25

Hi My cousin sent me this picture of a plaque on a monument in Montemiletto which is one of the towns that our family is from. The inscription says AI SUOI FIGLI CADUTI NEL 1940-43. Please translate. I would upload the image but I keep getting error messages. How would you suggest I go about researching the names inscribed?


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Re: monument

Postby Maurizio » 25 Aug 2005, 23:45

What you are referring to is a typical War Memorial: there's one (or more) in each single town of Italy. It's a tribute that the community wanted to dedicate "TO ITS OWN SONS FALLEN" (that's the exact translation of the writinig in this particular case).
The practice of building a war memorial was born during the Fascist period to remember the soldiers died in WWI (which was felt by fascist propaganda as the last episode of the construction of Italian national identity).
After WWII, new War memorials were built - or, very often, the old ones were "uptaded", with the addiction of other names - to honor the soldiers died on all fronts in the period 1940-43, and those - soldiers, partisans or civils - died during the Liberation of Italy from the German occupants (1943-45).
Hope this helps.

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