What Name Did Your Relative Use?

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What Name Did Your Relative Use?

Postby rjmichaels » 07 Nov 2015, 08:02

Hello all,

This is a post I have contemplated for some time, but sandyman720 asked it in some degree. While the majority of my ancestors had simplistic names (one given name), some had two or even three given names. Out of curiosity and a desire to relate more to them, I ask if there was any sort of convention in what name they went by. I have seen no rhyme nor reason for which name an individual went by. It seems to have been more the parents' or the person's choice. However, I have recently obtained some 1931 fogli di famiglia which name the relative by birth name and then "detto ...," which identifies them by their birth name but also by what they went by. On top of that, these records appear to give a sopranome for the individual. Some I have seen repeat, which leads me to believe it was a family sopranome but, others, are not the case. One was a foundling, so I know the parenthesized name must have been his personal nickname.

So how was it done? Parental or personal choice, or something else? And is anyone familiar with how a sopranome was used and/or assigned?

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