Do I Qualify Under 2009 Law?

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Do I Qualify Under 2009 Law?

Postby Iwantcitizenship » 09 Feb 2016, 13:54

Hello, I am trying to play ice hockey in Italy and if I had my citizenship I would be a huge help. Here's my situations:

My great-grandfather was born in Italy and immigrated to the US in 1886. My great-grandmother was born in Italy and immigrated to the US in 1900. I haven't found the marriage certificate, but they had 12 kids together all born in the US between 1904 and 1921. A census shows that my great-grandfather was naturalized in 1912. My grandfather was born in 1917, my father in 1952 and myself in 1990.

I'm wondering if the bloodline can be recovered through my great-grandmother with the 2009 law because she never filed for a waiver of naturalization herself, she received derivative citizenship through my great-grandfather when he became naturalized in 1912. Does this boat hold water?

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Re: Do I Qualify Under 2009 Law?

Postby carubia » 17 Feb 2016, 06:48

I can't think of any 2009 law that would be relevant here, but that doesn't matter. You could file suit in Italian court claiming citizenship through your GGM as a "1948 case." You would need the services of a lawyer, such as Luigi Paiano, who is familiar with these kinds of cases. Look at the Italian Citizenship Message Board for more information: http://italiancitizenship.freeforums.or ... is-f5.html

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