Looking for relatives in Catania Sicily

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Looking for relatives in Catania Sicily

Postby badrudy » 20 Jun 2016, 17:53

My name is Emanuel Birrittieri, I was born 1954 in Catania Sicily. My father Carmelo Birrittieri born 1933 and my mother Giovanna Longo born 1934 in Catania also. We came to New York in 1955.
My grandfather Emanuel Birrittieri born on December 24, 1911. He had a brother Giuseppe Birrittieri born July 2, 1909 in Siracusa, Sicilia and died around 1977 in Catania. I was told that he was a fireman in Catania. His wife's name was Grazia Colombrita. Giuseppe and Grazia had two children, Carmela and Lina Birrittieri they were from Catania also. Lina Birittieri married Alfio Ferlito. I'm trying to reconnect with that line of my family. I know that they are still in Catania. If anyone has any info on them or there whereabouts I would greatly appreciated you help.

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Re: Looking for relatives in Catania Sicily

Postby mimoalessandro » 05 Jul 2016, 13:15

I am sure that you have already tried this way, but simply searching for Ferlito Alfio in the phone book of Catania, there are 6 results. This is the link with address and phone:

http://www.paginebianche.it/ricerca?qs= ... lfio&dv=ct

You can try to contact them. There are other also in Siracusa, but if you are sure that they are still in Catania, I think it should be one of them...

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