paradiso family Help!

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paradiso family Help!

Postby genoitalia » 03 Nov 2005, 09:47

Hi all! I been try to find out if my great-grandfather had any sibling's but! Having no luck. I wrote to Italy. In the town that he came from> But no reply back. So I wrote again and again. still no reply. It seems like a website address to the town is not vallet also. I e-mail about 50 e-mails to this site for up to a year and a half, finely gave up on this site. this e-mail is comune di@ if I remember correctly. website not vallet.This town is in the Provincia of Avellino italy. my great-grandfather is Antonio Paradiso he was born in 1862 or 1863 came to america in 1905 at the age of 42. His wife's maiden name is Maria Abbate. Also antonio's father's name is Celestino Paradiso, I don't know his wife's name. I'am try to find that to. I do not know when Celestino paradise was born. It could be 1838 to 1843 just don't know. I got most of the information from ellis island in new york that i could get on that website. there is no more i could get on that site. I also tryed the family history centers but could not read the documents on the micro-machines they had at the centers i gone to. I just fund out Antonio paradiso had a son with another woman in italy before he married maria in 1884.the boy's name is Raffaele Paradiso. raffaele still lived in s.martino in avellino up until 1994. Don't know when he was born. And don't know if he is still living. also don't know if this Raffaele is really Antonio's son. Also been trying to Find out the parents of Celestino Paradiso, Antonio's grandnonni and grandnonno. Can any body help me finding my ancestor's from san martino valle caudina Avellino italy. does somebody have or know's a why to help me. Has anyone searched in this town or know's the local churches address or local cemmetries in San Martino valle caudina. please help thank you. :cry:

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