Family Radaelli and Ruffato

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Family Radaelli and Ruffato

Postby alfredo.barboza » 02 Aug 2016, 04:29

Hello I am a descendant of Radaelli and Ruffato my great-grandparents family were born in Italy and moved to Brazil, and I'm looking for the birth certificate of my great-grandparents, I do not know what city they were born. I wonder if you could help me find the data of the birth certificate and its origins.

I have some related documents.

Thank you.

Great-grandfather Louis Radaelli

Name: Luiz or (Lugi) Radael or (Radaelli)

Date of birth: October 28, 1867

Place of birth: Region: Lombardy Province: Milan Municipality: ??????

Italian nationality

Father: Joseph or (Joseph) Radael or (Radaelli)

Mother: Faipo Tereza

Married with Ambrosia Ruffato was born: 09/02/1874, Location: Padova

Father Luigi Ruffato

Mother Luigia Scattolin

Wedding date:

wedding location:

Date of death: September 28, 1952

Dead Location: Florida Paulista / São Paulo

NOTE: E 'arrived in Brazil with 23 years on the port of Santos Ship Margherita Regina December 24, 1890.
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Re: Family Radaelli and Ruffato

Postby paola52 » 02 Aug 2016, 14:35

Hi Alfredo!
Radaelli is a very common surname in Milano Province, but his mother's maiden name Faipò is very unusual, and typical of a very small area north of Milan. There are only 12 entries for Faipò in the Italian telephone directory (Pagine Bianche) and six are for families or businesses in Gessate, the others for small towns nearby
So I'd begin writing to the Comune of Gessate, asking for the birth certificate (copia integrale dell'atto di nascita) of Luigi Radaelli, son of Giuseppe and Teresa Faipò, born October 28 1867.
A long shot, but I think it's worth trying
Good Luck
Paola :D
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Re: Family Radaelli and Ruffato

Postby alfredo.barboza » 03 Aug 2016, 13:53

Thank you Paola for the information I will send the email.

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Re: Family Radaelli and Ruffato

Postby mmogno » 03 Aug 2016, 19:09

I believe the real Italian name of Ambrozia could be Veronica.

Veronica Ruffato was born near Padua on 2/6/1874 (not on 9 February). Her father was Luigi Ruffato (28 years old, son of Domenico) and her mother was Luigia Scattolin (daughter of Anselmo).

Luigi Ruffato and Luigia arrived with their children in Brazil on 11/13/1888 for the first time, in Santos, on board the ship Bourgogne. ... ilia=00259

Their children were: Maria (b ?), Giovanni (b 11/11/1871), Veronica (b 2/6/1874), Candido (b 12/25/1876), Antonio (b 4/25/1881) and Rosina (b 4/5/1884).

Later on, the family came back to Italy and again returned in Brazil on 11/16/1896. ... ilia=49080

Daughters Maria and Veronica did not make this trip; probably they had already got married in Brazil.
Instead, with this family emigrated also Regina De Checchi married with Giovanni in Italy on 8/23/1896.

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