Pesci ancestry

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Pesci ancestry

Postby tapeduzzi » 23 Aug 2016, 02:56

Through your assistance with identifying specific filmstrips I have found most of my grandmother's family (Ferrari and Gatti) from Branzone-Valmozzola. But my grandfather's family was not on the film. He lists Berceto as his last residence on the ship manifests. This is the information I have: Giuseppe Pesci 1881-1925, father is Enrico Pesci Abt. 1860-1925 and his mother Filomena Manferdelli, abt. 1860. He has a brother Agostino 1887 who come over in 1905 but I can't find what happened to him. I am looking for his family in Italy and Berceto is all the info on place that I have. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. My private e-mail is or here on the message board. Thank you, Teresa Peduzzi
I searched churches in Solignano and Berceto at ... =Solignano, Solignano, 43040, IT
How do I select a film to start with when I have so little information about exactly where he is from.

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Re: Pesci ancestry

Postby Italysearcher » 23 Aug 2016, 09:59

There are suggestions on finding the town of origin on my website.
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Re: Pesci ancestry

Postby adelfio » 23 Aug 2016, 15:44

Try this email to the Archivio di Stato di Parma it will give you his birth town its for his military registration

Archivio di Stato di Parma

OGGETTO: Richiesta esito di leva di Giuseppe Pesci di classe di nascita 1881.

Gentilissima Signora, Gentile Signore,
Mi chiamo YOURNAME Sto facendo una ricerca sui miei antenati e ho bisogno delle informazioni dai vostri registri. I miei antenati province da Parma. Vorrei sapere di più di loro.
La ringrazio anticipatamente di voler comunicare i costi di spese di riproduzione e postali per ottenere l'esito registro di leva o registro dei foglie matricolari di:Giuseppe Pesci di Enrico Pesci e Filomena Manferdelli classe di nascita 1881.
Se non avete i registri corrispondenti, potete fornire l’indirizzo dell’archivio dove in cui i registri possano essere trovati?
Nell'attesa della sua risposta le invio cordiali saluti.

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Re: Pesci ancestry

Postby Tessa78 » 23 Aug 2016, 15:51

Possible arrival of brother, Agostino, in 1905.
Age 19.

Lists his last residence as Berceto.
Going to join his brother Giuseppe Pesci in Blairsville, PA. ... PUBJs=true

Click once to enlarge and again to magnify - Line 16


Here is a possible trip in 1913 by Giuseppe, is wife "Richilde" and daughter Giuseppina (age 6 - US Born)
In the last column of page 2 - he lists his Place of BIRTH as Berceto :-)
Line 9 - Page 1 ... _2020-0078
Page 2 ... _2020-0079

FHC microfilm to rent...

Nati 1867-1893
Family History Library
International Film
1961518 Items 2-6


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Re: Pesci ancestry

Postby mmogno » 23 Aug 2016, 16:03

Have you tried to get the birth certificate by the city of Berceto?

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