Looking for information of some Italian ancestors

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Looking for information of some Italian ancestors

Postby Nicolás » 09 Oct 2016, 00:34

Hi there! I'm new here. I came across the forum looking for Italian genealogy resources on the net. I was wondering if you could help me to get some information about some Italian ancestors.

I have the birth certificate of my great grandfather, Amabile Angelo Ignazio COLLA. He was born in Roccaverano. He then travelled to Uruguay, where he lived until his death. His parents were Giuseppe COLLA and Irma Giuseppina GARRONE. I don't have any information about them, only their names, and the knowledge that they probably were born in Roccaverano, too.

I haven't found any vital records for Roccaverano on the Internet. It could be that I haven't looked at it very carefully. I was wondering if any of you could look for vital records of Giuseppe and Irma Giuseppina. It would be great if you found something.

Also, I would like to get information about another Italian ancestor, another great grandfather. His name was Domingo or Domenico Sandri. My family told me that he was born in Brazil, when his family was waiting to take another ship to end their trip to Uruguay. I haven't found anything about him either, and I don't know anything more about him than what I have just written.

Thank you very much!

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