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Dr. Robert Bosso

Postby MusicBosso » 12 Oct 2016, 11:50

Hi. I have been looking for origins on this guy for years and years. He pops up in New Orleans on Newspapers.com and then his family moves to Pensacola afterwards. I do not know when or where he specifically came from. Its weird because his tombstone says he was born in Verona Italy, but my family visited there, found somebody with the same last name, and told them Verchille is the place where he probably came from. But I don't know if the guy knew what he was talking about. Romeo and Juliet was popular back then so they may have misunderstood him and thought Verona, or maybe he just was Verona since they wouldn't really know where Verchille is. (Like people say they are born in Port-au-Prince instead of a specific area in Haiti.)
He sold elixirs, but its weird because he stopped a whole town from getting yellow fever for a good while, but he and a woman he was treating died.

Does anybody have anything that could help?

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