re: missing death records in luogosano

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re: missing death records in luogosano

Postby mezzogiorno62 » 19 Oct 2016, 01:30

after careful research i believe my paternal 2nd great grandmother,rosa martino,died in luogosano avellino between 1862 and 1865. whats frustrating and extremely unusual is that parish records for these same years are also missing. i tried for both.its like,for whatever reason,deaths were not recorded for these years at both the civil office and local parish level (s.maria maggiore e s.marcellino).her husband,giovanni ricca,died in luogosano in 1849,and rosa was living at the time of her son francesco's marriage in 1852(she would have been close to 70 then and unlikely to have left the area).all the other years were available at lds. i checked all years from 1852 up to 1884 when son francesco died and she was noted as deceased. i also checked all surrounding comunes for all years and found nothing.these records are also missing at the state archive in avellino.i get no response from the diocese of only guess is that (a.)these years were never recorded or (b.) they were lost or destroyed. but at both the civil and parish level? has anyone else out there ever run into this unusual problem???

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