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Postby DiMaggio » 28 Jan 2006, 12:01

my grandmother is from sicily, born september 1, 1914..her name is mary grace bravata..i am not sure if her name was different in italy. my grandfather born in the United States, alabama in 1916, his name is Alfredo DiMaggio..he was in world war 2. In italy he met my grandmother i believe they got married and had a baby ( Salvatore) in italy ( i would love to know)..after world war 2 they came to the U.S., new york. I am not sure if there is a way to find out if they were married in italy, if they had My uncle in italy, when they came to new york and how? I know it was shortly after world war 2 ended. I would love to know my family tree right down to the 1800's. unfortunetly my grandmother( mary) passed wheni was very young so that is all the info i have, im sorry. but is there some way i can find some kind of documents to see who my great grandparents are..and wher they were born. maybe if my grandfathers military records were available, would it give enough information?

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