Bianchi, Bowtie, Or Giotti

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Bianchi, Bowtie, Or Giotti

Postby Crawl138 » 15 Feb 2006, 04:07

I know For A Fact That i am related to the Bianchi's, The Giotties, And The Bowties. I also know that I have family Still in Italy, and the rest of my family is still in contact with them. Being as such That i am unfortunatly not in contact with my family to much, and I am Having a Difficult Time trying to Locate any records on any of these families, Any Help or Maybe even distant Relatives Would Be Appreciated, I know we have family From NY,Ny, To California, (where I Live) Also The Giotti Is How it is prounced not the way it sound, I have pretty much lost all contact with my family due to military Service and know that i have some time on my hands( And Some Purple Hearts lol) I thought I mite find something out. I Also Served soem time in itlay and did not turn up much there, My italian from wehn i was a child is very poor and limited. ANy body who can help me with this will be much appreciated.

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Re: Bianchi, Bowtie, Or Giotti

Postby nuccia » 15 Feb 2006, 06:02


Do you have any first names? Do you know where in Italy they are from or rough years of birth/immigration?

You can also use this directory link to type in your surnames and cities in the USA and maybe you'll get lucky.

Nuccia :D

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