Piacenza - Carpaneto Piacentino Commune

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Piacenza - Carpaneto Piacentino Commune

Postby Rap1977 » 28 Feb 2006, 02:22

I am new to Italian genealogy and new to this forum. I was hoping someone could help me. I recently discovered that my great grandfather's (Giovanni Castellini or Castellucci) WWII draft registration card. It states that his citizenship is "Italy, Piacenza" I found a passenger arrival record for him stating that his last residence was "Carpineto" Not knowing if he was refering to Piacenza as a province or commune (I see that is is both) I am assuming that he is from (possibly born) in Carpaneto Piacentino commune of Piacenza. But I also see that there are communes in different provinces named "Carpineto" Maybe this incorrect but at least it is a start. I was wondering if anyone knows the address for the ufficio di stato Civile and the anagrafe for this area or where I can find this information. I want to write to them to hopefully obtain the cartificato di stato di famiglia or stato di famiglia originario. I was also wondering if the ufficio di stato civile and anagrafe are province or commune level offices.
Are there other records of this area that anyone knows of that might help me locate him and his family. I know the name of his wife, her birthdate and their children and their birthdates. Any help would be great.

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