Ann Sulla Nicolo Glaviano

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Ann Sulla Nicolo Glaviano

Postby paige18 » 17 Mar 2006, 13:11

Hi I am trying to find information on my ggrandmother Ann Sulla who married Nicolo Glaviano and had three children,Rose, Tony and Carmela.
There home was Palazzo Adriano (PA) All I have is her birth date 28 Dec 1861. I have all the information when they came to the US but nothing from there home, could you pleace send address of city hall in Palazzo Adriano
Thanks paige 18

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Re: Ann Sulla Nicolo Glaviano

Postby ricbru » 17 Mar 2006, 13:44

Here there are Nicolò Glaviano ship records (not the second one) to Ellis Island ... &dwpdone=1

for civil record of Palazzo Adriano write to

Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Piazza Umberto I, 46
90030 Palazzo Adriano (PA)

or rent Palazzo Adriano civil record microfilm to FHL (mormon church) ... o+civile++

or contact Palermo State Archive ... PALERMO%22

Requests has to be done in italian, attach to your request a photocopy of your ID, an envelope and an international reply coupon, to let them answer back,
I hope it helps, bye Riccardo :lol:

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Re: Ann Sulla Nicolo Glaviano

Postby paige18 » 17 Mar 2006, 23:50

Thanks for the address I'll try that.
The ship records for Nicolo can't be my Nicolo as he died in a mine accident in Palazzo adriano.
This is the same Ann Glaviano (Sulla) that you all have tried to find ship records when she and her childern went to the USA.(with no avail)
again thanks for the information.

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Re: Ann Sulla Nicolo Glaviano

Postby mjvinciguerra » 26 Mar 2009, 01:25

OK...I think you are Bob Rock right? I am convinced after 2 posts that we are somehow related. Let's see if our info matches. Or at least comes close.

I too am researching and not finding much on for the following people related to me:

Antonio Raccuia (Tony Rock) who married Carmela Mary Glaviano. Carmela's mother was Antonina Sulla and father was Nicolo Glaviano.

This is what I have been able to find on and from a letter written in 1981 by Bert Rock. This is what he remembered. (Some dates are still in question, but it is a start.)

Antonina (Ann) Sulla and Nicolo(a) Glaviano (who was well off in Italy) were married. After they got married Nicolo lost everything. They had 3 children. Tony, Rosa and Carmela.

After losing everything Nicolo worked in coal mines. He eventually died in a mine cave in.

In March 1907 (?) Ann brought Tony and Rosa to the US. I believe she either came with or met her brother Nick (not sure of full name) Sulla. She went to St.Louis Missouri. I believe this was their address: 2016 Horifore (Horiford) Dr/Pl. St. Louis, MO.

Carmela had to stay in Italy due to bad eyes. She stayed 1 yr. with her Aunt and 1 yr. with her Grandmother.

In March 1909 Carmela arrived in the US. She met up with her family in Missouri in early April 1909.

Carmela married Frank Daugento and had daughter Jennie (Jane) 12/7/1911 born in Missouri.

Ann Sulla's brother Tony Sulla lived in San Jose. He sent for Ann (his mom), Carmela, her husband Frank and Jennie in 1912-1913.

When they arrived they lived on Lenzen (near Coleman Ave.). In 1914 they bought a house at 489 Vandome Ave, San Jose, CA. In 1913-1914 they had second daughter Anna (Annie).

Frank Daugento died on I believe 2/8/1919, possibly of the Spanish flu. On the 1920 census Carmela is listed with the 2 girls in San Jose, as head of household.

At age 25 (1915?) Carmela married Antonio Raccuia (Tony Rock), born 12/5/1885 in Montalbano Elicona, Messina Sicily. Tony was 35 at the time. He had originally immigrated from Italy to Buffalo, NY in 1900. He moved to SJ in 1919 (?). He took in Jennie and Annie. In addition they had 2 sons. I am not sure of their birth names but they went by Bert (born 7/26/1921) and Nicholas Joseph Rock (born 5/19/1924).

Annie died at 14 (1928?) of appendicitis.

Tony Raccuia died 4/10/1944 and is buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetary.

Jennie went on to marry Gino (Geno) Dellamaggiore and have 2 daughters. Kathy and Francie Ann (spelling?).

Bert went on to marry Ernie and had 3 sons and a daughter. Robert, Michael, Ronnie and Terrie. Ronnie passed away from bone cancer.

Nick went on to marry Phyllis Adeline Gregory. They had 1 daughter and 2 sons. Patricia Rock, Richard Lawrence Rock and Timothy Rock.

Richard Rock went on to marry Debbie Lynn Luksich. They are my parents. I am Marilyn Vinciguerra (Rock).

Carmela died 7/3/1981 and is also buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetary. She still lived on Vandome Ave.

I would love to get in contact with you and see where you fit into all of this...I hope you get this and are able to reply!


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