Arpino and my family

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Arpino and my family

Postby vincep0 » 08 Apr 2007, 15:31


I've been doing some searching on my surname of Pantanella from Arpino, Italy. This is basically the only thing i could really find, it seems to be a description of a building but it uses Pantanella as a noun and I can't find any roots or origins of the word. Anyone have any info? Thanks,


It was built in 1878-1881 as a seat of the Societa' dei Molini e Pastificio Pantanella (Society of Mills and Bread-making PANTANELLA). It was an appropriate site for an organization like this one because of the close position to the water mills placed on Tiber and the industrial zone of Circus Maximus. In 1939-1952 the palace housed the just instituted "Museo di Roma", later transferred to Palazzo Braschi. At present it is occupied by communal offices (Department of Food Supplies and Markets), and a laboratory of scenography of the Opera Theatre. Beneath the palace, close to the angle of Via dei Cerchi and Via dell'Ara Massima di Ercole, should have been the circular temple Tempio di Ercole, from which the famous "Mouth of Truth" was taken and placed in S.Maria in Cosmedin. From

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Re: Arpino and my family

Postby Essgee » 08 Apr 2007, 22:32

A couple of weeks ago, Anne Tatangelo left this message at

If your family comes from Arpino, Province of Frosinone you may be interested in the fact that a local man has created family trees for almost every surname that existed in town from 1540 using the church records. If you are interested in any of his records please contact me at He doesn't speak English.

Might be worth your time to contact Anne. She is a professional, so if you would prefer not to get involved with her due to a cost factor, that is fine. but she might be able to direct you to a source that appears to be rather extensive. Hard to pass up!

Good Luck on this. For this forum, it would help if you would identify the actual person you seek info on: First name, last name, place they emmigrated to and lived most of their life, name of spouse, children, anything that would help someone track the name for you.

Hope you had a good Easter......Best of luck..

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Re: Arpino and my family

Postby jcsm400 » 08 Apr 2007, 23:42

Essgee wrote:
[i]If your family comes from Arpino, Province of Frosinone

There is another Arpino in the province of Naples/Napoli. The FHL has filmed the civil records for both of them.

Researching in San Vitaliano, Napoli, Italy & Armento, Potenza, Italy.

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Re: Arpino and my family

Postby nuccia » 08 Apr 2007, 23:53

Might be worth your time to contact Anne. She is a professional..

I had the pleasure of meeting Ann when she was here last fall and I can tell you this much..she knows her stuff! As Essgee stated, a Professional. :D
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