Fioravanti - Ascoli Piceno

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Fioravanti - Ascoli Piceno

Postby madau » 27 Apr 2007, 04:36

I'm looking for information regarding my great grandparents Emidio Fioravanti and Anna Gaspari. I have my grandfather's birth certificate from Ascoli Piceno. His parents were living there when he was born and then emigrated to USA in 1913. Not sure if the whole family left or just Nazzareno(Nonno). I would like to know if he had brothers or sisters and there must be cousins still there. Can anyone help?

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Re: Fioravanti - Ascoli Piceno

Postby vj » 27 Apr 2007, 16:28

Hello and Welcome to the Forum!
Is this the correct 1913 manifest?
page 2
line 15
Nazzareno Fioravanti 17 (abt 1896)
- last residence Ascoli Piceno
- father in Ascoli Piceno, Emidio
- destination Trenton
- joining brothers Vincenzo?, Giuseppe and Giovanni
- born in Ascoli Piceno

Have you found your grandfather's US records;
census, military, etc?
They may have more clues to his family.

Thanks! Valarie

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Re: Fioravanti - Ascoli Piceno

Postby wldspirit » 28 Apr 2007, 04:30

Just to be have your grandfathers exact birthdate based on his birth record from Italy, as well as the names of his parents?

There is a document you can send for which will list all members of the family unit, including those who moved away or died.....

However, which Ascoli Piceno are you referring to? There are many municipalities in the Province of the same name...and one village,

wldspirit :D

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Re: Fioravanti - Ascoli Piceno

Postby karenrose » 23 Feb 2015, 01:36

Hi there, just joining this forum. I'd like to explore these Fioravanti lines with each of you! My great greats are Salvatore Tarli born 3 May 1825 in Ascoli and Emidia Fiorvanti born 1829. They had 6 children I believe. In looking for Emidia's parents, I found a Giuseppe Fioravanti born @ 1790 and Deminica... but with no other info...I'm going to see if I can order some microfilms from Ascoli for those years.. Maybe some of us are related. It seems like it, but don't yet know how. Also, I found a Giuseppe Fioravanti born 1790 but in Naples--- is this a super common surname? I wonder if he could be the one I'm looking for and he moved from Naples to Ascoli? I'll do more digging but wondered if anyone else has seen that pattern of migration. Thanks, and best of searching. Karen

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Re: Fioravanti - Ascoli Piceno

Postby jennabet » 23 Feb 2015, 13:37

My relatives by marriage named Fioravanti (also named Giuseppe) are from Teramo Abruzzo, a city in the region just south of Ascoli La Marche. There are many Fioravanti's in Teramo. Some are business owners and the Fioravanti name is prominently displayed around the region of Abruzzo.

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