A Question re Ports of Departure Revisited

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A Question re Ports of Departure Revisited

Postby aristides » 01 May 2007, 13:35

I asked this question in the immigration forum. I'm not sure I asked it correctly. Is there a source of hard data on ports of exits from Italy? I am really interested in knowing how many immigrants left from which ports. I now know that Naples was not the only port of departure. In fact, my grandfather did emigrate through Le Havre. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Paul M. Montebello

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Re: A Question re Ports of Departure Revisited

Postby ricbru » 01 May 2007, 13:57

Dear Paul,
to know how many immigrants left from each port, it could be known if a lot of volounteers can do this amazing work, like volounteers did the work of listing people arrived to Ellis Island.
In Italy, the main ports were Genoa, Palermo and Napoli.
Second ports were Livorno and Trieste.
Main ports in Europe were Le Havre, Southampton, Liverpool.
I hope it helps,
bye Riccardo

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