Mercanti, Russo, Brillo, Salvatore, Tringal....All in Sicily

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Mercanti, Russo, Brillo, Salvatore, Tringal....All in Sicily

Postby Sishac » 28 Mar 2003, 14:12

Hi everyone! I'm looking for information on a variety of names. First Mercanti...this is my grandmother's last name. She emmigrated from Castelbuono Sicily in 1920. She had one brother who came to the states in 1907, and two sisters (last names Bonomo and Nicoletti) who stayed in Sicily. Russo...from both Catania and Augusta. There is a possibility of an in-law relationship with someone named Sanguidolce (sweet-blood) in Catania. Brillo (from Catania), was my great-grandmother's last name...she was born in Catania, but I am told that her family was from Northern Italy, and that her father was some sort of engineer who came down to Sicily to set up the island for electicity. Salvatore is my great-great grandmother's maiden name. Finally, Tringali is my great-great grandmother's maiden name. I'm guessing that both she and my great-great-grandfather (Russo) were from Augusta.

I'll be visiting Sicily in June and would love to find some relatives. While Catania and Augusta are large towns, Castelbuono is a small village with only about 15 "Mercanti" family names in the books.

Any suggestions on how to reach them?



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Postby ptimber » 28 Mar 2003, 14:35

Since the surnames you have are "in the books" which I take it to mean that you have used a telephone directory at to identify the 15 Mercanti surnamed persons by name,address and telephone numbers in Castelbuono. As for the remaining persons you will certainly need to know if their town of origin was in the provinces or the provincial capitals and use the same website mentioned above to track down the surnames you mentioned but thats about as far as I can go in assisting you. Sorry Peter

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