Seeking sources for more recent information

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Seeking sources for more recent information

Postby dalbino83 » 15 Jun 2007, 05:19

My great grandfather fell out of touch with his siblings when he moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut, and my father and his siblings were children in the 1940s when they last saw their great aunts and uncles.

I can find some of my great grandfather's siblings in the 1930 census, and the first names of their children. But I'd love to follow the line after that, and see if there are any living descendents of my great grandfather's siblings.

What resources are available? Where can one get birth, marriage and death info from the 20th century in Massachusetts? I do know about the Social Security Death Index, but that's only good for post-1963 deaths. I'd like to get death dates on a few relatives who died in the 1940s.

I apologize for asking a general genealogy question in an Italian genealogy forum, but if it's any consolation, the relatives I am seeking in the US are descendents of Italian immigrants.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Seeking sources for more recent information

Postby Poipuo4 » 15 Jun 2007, 13:01

I found some distant cousins by searching the public records databases on I also searched the white pages on for people with the same surname, which I know is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I was actually successful. I don't know anything about MA specific information, but there are databases on Lexis that will give you this sort of modern day information. If you don't know about Lexis, usually people in the law profession have access to it and also private investigators. It is quite expensive. If you have any lawyer friends, they may be able to do a search for you. Law libraries wold have it too, but the problem is that the people finder database is a premium service and student users would probably not have access to it at local law schools. Sorry I could not be more helpful! Modern info. may be hard to come by because of privacy laws. Hopefully someone from MA will respond to your post!

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