where to start ? (Paura name)

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where to start ? (Paura name)

Postby ms_clarinet » 02 Apr 2003, 15:58

hello. :D
My grandmother's surname is Paura and her father came to Brazil from Italy probably early last century. Actually, I am not sure if it was her father or grandfather. We have no idea of his heritage, as my grandmother`s mother died during her birth and her father decided to go away ( my grandmother and her sisters were all raised by her aunt, sister of her deceased mother). So, she never heard from him again, where he (or his father) came from etc. I am very curious to know if Paura is a common Italian surname and where it comes from.
Unlike many Italians that came to Brazil, my ancestor decided to live in Northeast of Brazil (in Pernambuco). Most Italians went to South and Sao Paolo area. Any idea ?
Thank You.

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Postby ptimber » 02 Apr 2003, 16:47

Paura is not listed as a surname in the Italian surname dictionary but it is a volcabulary word meaning FEAR. The surname Paura is located in this present time in the numbers of 121 persons and 50% of these persons are in the Calabria region and the rest are scattered north. I checked for an entry into Brazil with no success for anyone with the surname Paura and there were none but there are several websitesd in brazil and portuguese language that I can direct you to go if you are interested. Please let me know if you are interested in conducting research. For starter go to the mormon church family history library near your home and try to locate his arrival in Brazil. Also go to www.imigrantesitalianos.com.br. Peter NYC

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