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Family Crest

Postby carryonit » 22 Jul 2007, 07:20

Does anyone know of any websites that arent all BS that can find your Family Crest/Coat of Arms (im not really to sure what the difference is)
Its so hard finding any information on this, and I guess I either have such an unpopular name, or it was changed around so much that its next to impossible to find any information on this.
I remember asking this guy at a family crest shop or something down in Florida and he told me the reason there so hard to find is because most records were burned in WW2.
I dont know, any help is appreciated.

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Re: Family Crest

Postby Cathynap » 22 Jul 2007, 17:59

Not all families have a crest. Most of the sites out there do have made up crests because they have something to sell you. Family crests were made for royalty and nobility. There a few, if any exceptions to this. So if there were no royals or nobiles with you surname, it may not exist. I have found this site interesting:
It offers a huge listing of Italian surnames. If there is a coat of arms they know of associated with the name, they post it there by the surname.

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