Looking for CALLARI

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Looking for CALLARI

Postby Lujan » 18 Sep 2007, 04:10

Hi ! My name is María Luján Callari and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My great granfather, SANTO CALLARI arrived to Ellis Island in May 1900. He lived in Bufalo, NY with his brother (71 Terrace St, Buffalo NY). And then he moved to Niagara Falls. He married and had 2 boys, Michael and Nardo. MICHAEL CALLARI was my grandfather. They lived on 11th St and they were baptized in St Mary of the Cataracts
The family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina around 1910.
In 1989, I ended up moving to New York, NY, and got the chance to visir those places. My younguest daughter was born there in 1991, a few months before my grandfather passed away. I got the chance to tell him about the place where he lived as a boy.
I'd love to get information about any member of the family still in the US. I was working on my genalogy tree, but I can get any information about the family in the US and the family left in Geraci Siculo, Sicily.
Thanks so much,

María Luján Callari

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Re: Looking for CALLARI

Postby misbris » 19 Sep 2007, 02:49

There are some Callari's who still live in the Buffalo area. It couldn't hurt to contact them and ask if they are related to you. I am sending you a PM with names and addresses.

I sent out letters and got some responses, so it might work for you as well.

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